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Poems / gedichten door Truus Geraets

Anthroposophia, the living wisdom of the cosmos,

wants to be among us.

She can only do this if there is a community, aware of here presence

and willing to receive and work with her gifts.

Who is part of this community?

All Anthroposophists, who truly recognize her as an earthly - cosmic being,

all those who believe in the reality of her revelations

more than in letters and words on paper,

those, who are searching in their hearts, how to contribute

to the cosmos of love,

the ones who are groping to make sense of senseless deeds,

those who selflessly give of themselves

without losing their identity,

those who are reaching out for help for this ailing world.

They all are part of this global community,

creating the sheaths for Anthroposophia to walk among us.

In order to strengthen her work with us, we need to recognize

each other within and outside of Anthroposphical frameworks.

We need to form a web with them, active on the earth, but always open

to the inspirations and intuitions from the cosmos,

Anthroposophia's gift to us.

Truus Geraets December 31th, 2001

The art of living in a Zulu hut,

The art of living in the City,

The art of living with a handicap,

The art of living in a prison.

Living alone or living together,

Living to die or dying to live:

It is the gift of life we will respect,

we treat it, enhance it, enfold it.

The gift of Life, which was born from the Word

to become the Light of the People.

How can we receive a gift so big?

What do we give to the giver?

Our conscious effort to live life to the full,

by willingly acting in the cosmic drama

on the stage of planet earth,

to make Living an Art.


I sound the Gong,

for the new era has begun.

It is a sound, awakening for humankind to hear.

So many hearts are tuning in.

The choir grows of those

who listen to the heartbeat of the cosmos.

Now is the Time for man to act in harmony with cosmic law.

Therefore I sound the Gong,

Awakening, awakening.

Truus Geraets

Gift of speech, as the heavens speak to us.

Twelvefold inspirations, sounding with the planetary music.

Gifts of speech and Singing, we are surrounded by.

Listening, opening channels,

Where meaning enters Speech and Song.

Truus Geraets 2018

"Got to find a road to freedom",

It's true for all of us, not just for me.

"See the becoming future

beyond what's here and now".

Divided world in good and bad

No division in myself.

But only if I can align myself.

With starry wisdom overhead.

Truus Geraets January 12th, 20018

Ode to the Sea Farer

"Pull up the anchor, get ready for the open sea."

Abandonment of home and house and wife.

"Riches are waiting in some far away land."

In the land of my mother other riches are waiting.

Let the anchor sink in the depths of the new, the unknown.

Beyond the waves and the water, the rocks, earth' crust.

Christ in its womb.

Anchored in forces of will, my feet in the new.

Truus Geraets January 18th, 2018

What is the greatest gift of all?

To be alive, alive, alive

Being Alive with true purpose,

to change myself,

with that the world.

Truus Geraets January 6th, 2018

`Wat is het grootste geschenk,

dat wij mogen ontvangen?

Te mogen leven, hier en nu.

Leven met een zeker doel,

van transformatie.

Eerst van mezelf,

Met dat de wereld.

Vertaling van Truus 

De zee

Deel van mijn wezen, nog onbekend, vrijheid rondom,

Vereend met de vrijheid, die de sterren ons geven.

Expansie in gesprek met de zon, met de luchten.

Zelfs de mensen, kinderen, honden, ademen vreugde.

Maar toch: Heb lief, al wat lijdt, ook het wijde water.

Ik wil eren het machtige waterwezen.

Want sinds ik ruilde de grootse Pacific voor de Hollandse zee,

besef ik: het is één machtige stroom, omhullend het land,

zo ginds, zo hier. In dit kleine land

staan we met zeewering, dijken en duinen

Op goede voet met het water. We weten immers:

Dit holle land is een gift van de zee.

Truus Geraets 2 januari 2021 Kamperduin

Human beings are in need

of inner loyalty,

Loyalty to the Guidance

of Spiritual Beings.

They can build on this loyalty

Their eternal existence and being

And, thereby, perfuse and strengthen

Sensory existence

with eternal life.

Interwoven times and places

Looking up to ever new faces

Amidst the multitude of karmic streams

I hold my centre point which beams

with rays of light.

And yet feels tight.

Compassionate grieving

for those in darkness of mind

or darkness of prison cells.

Keep moving, keep working

Continue the dance of life,

Aware of the spirits sustaining it

Being instrument for renewal on earth. 

Being imprisoned by clouds of anxiety,

Getting worried by things unimportant,

Feeling still attacked by injuries from the past.

Then wondering, who is the Prince, courageous enough

To get through the hedge of thorns?

I can't let him go to find the Princess,

As I am the Princess in need of the Knight.

Let my fairy tale be an extension

of the one, well-known to all.

By being all parts involved, the Princess as well as the Knight,

There is no more tale, just Freedom to accept things as they are,

And thus return to the full stream of life.

Daar waar de kunst des levens

zich heeft bevrijd van zelfgenoegzaamheid,

En zo de diepste harte krachten

verfrissend schenkt aan anderen,

en zelfs de zon daarmee verblijdt,

Dan is er vreugde in de hele schepping.

Daar ontspringt mijn leven dan

In wederzijds herkennen.

Truus Geraets 2 februari 2023

In samenhang met de 40ste weekspreuk van Rudolf Steiner

I couldn't help but disappear

into my inner world.

Not flee from unreality,

but seek a greater truth,

The truth embedded in myself –

transient, yes, like fleeting images,

promises of a better world to be-

And find, how I – a single drop

in an immense ocean of possibilities –

am of eternal value

for how life proceeds.

I will not fail myself

Nor will I fail the world.

Christ is the light that shines

here in my inner world.

He holds the future

that I have embarked upon.

Truus Geraets February 2003


Remember the moment, the very first second you saw him,

him in his deeper self –

Remember that moment of freedom,

the choice to care or not,

and keep to your vision,

and show him his deeper self.

That's why we are together,

to mirror what is hidden in us.

Not to get wrapped up in quarrels, worries, or habits,

to share our days dragging along.

Oh no! Make space for the other to grow,

To grow from his hidden Centre,

And shelter as well, and keep to your vision

of that very first moment.

Kalamazoo, Michigan, January 1973

In olden days: know Thyself.

What we need now: Be Thyself.

Strip yourself of all that junk around you,

Build up from that newly discovered centre:

Relationships to other people, vivid and alive,

A new thinking, vivid and alive,

A new grasp on the world

out of enthusiasm and love.

Create anew with others for the others

and remain yourself.

January 1974


And the Angel of Care touched the head of man,

and there was thought.

Man did not recognize

And yet, he raised his head a little higher.

And the Angel of Care gave him spirit – radiance

And man grabbed it and forced it into power.

Spirit being of my Self,

Let me learn to live with you.

Let me start to realize your divine quality,

Let me feel your presence

So that I may be equally in love

with earthly as with cosmic being,

And work with the power of Thy invisible reality,

guarding here on earth

the total life of humans,

of others and myself.

February 1978 

Oh, if there ever was a way to make you lighter,

to let you see the passing of the stars,

to let you see the passing of the stars,

a way to make you see the radiant motion of the sun,

or the slow slow motion of the growing of the trees,

or the motion of the waters and the running of the waves,

or the movement of erosion, dissolving all that is.

The world itself is movement, motion,

and never ever static,

involved eternally in the dance of life.

Little human being, dance,

dance together with the rest of creation.

If you want to be a conscious part of it all,

Dance with you, dance with lightness.

Heavy is the earth, lightness is the cosmos.

Dance and move in accordance with the plan

of the world.

August 1978 

at Laughing white fish river, Michigan

O Mighty Powerful Force of the Universe,

Grant me that I may work out of your substance,

Grant me that I may live according to Your Reality.

I alone am small indeed.

Give me Your assistance

Give me some of Your Vision

Some of Your Wisdom.

May spiritual necessity incarnate on earth

through me in connection with others

who too realize their total dependency on Your Force.

Be a Reality in Us,

O Mighty, Powerful Force of the universe.

Detroit, October 28th, 1981

O God, I thank you that this world exists;

Evolution made it necessary

that it shrunk more and more,

and that we as people have shrunk with it

to the size of our present existence.

You have implanted in us, however,

The essence of Yourself.

Knowing and feeling this will give us the strength

to accept its smallness,

and to live up to the expectations which you have

for us and for this planet.

Be at one with LIFE

as it moves in the water of the rushing gushing river.

Detroit, October 28th, 1981

Be at one with LIFE

as it dances in the flames of the sizzling fire.

Be at one with LIFE

as it hovers with the hummingbird

just above the flower of the delicate mimosa.

Be at one with LIFE

as it swings across the sky with a flock of birds.

Be at one with LIFE

with a grip of strength like the tree that is rooted in the earth.

Be at one with LIFE

when you feel the blood pulsating through your veins.

Feel the LIFE of your thoughts

in your oneness with the world.

Grasp in awareness LIFE itself.


Houston, December 10th 1983

And the dove of peace flew to the war-stricken countries.

It seemed that his journey would never end,

that his trail was so far and the miles to cover so many.

But he flew without hesitance,

and we all knew that he was coming nearer.

When he would come, no one could tell.

All we knew was, that he would come.

And although the world was torn to pieces,

Calamity upon calamity encountered,

Our hope was sustained by the deepest knowledge

And we could bear the present

expecting a better to-morrow

the very moment

the dove would arrive.

Bryan, August 1982

How can I learn to know the great grand Masterplan?

The Masterplan of this whole universe,

Including the course of the sun and the stars,

Including the earth and each little beast,

The wind and the weather, the plant and the stone?

How can we learn to understand the Masterplan,

The Masterplan of the human soul,

It's upliftment or despondency,

It's choice for good or bad.

How can we learn to understand

Our place in this big Masterplan,

The unseen above us, the unknown below us,

Man between demon and angel.

Dare to live, dare to be bold.

Dare to go your own way

For the sake of the others.

Then you will know

As you listen with your heart,

A heart that beats

With the heartbeat of the universe.

Johannesburg, February 1th, 1987

Lost in a place

Where I need to be,

Found in the heart of the children.

Touched by the Spirit,

Guarding the school.

I act as an guardian,

Serving the spirit,

Interwoven times and places,

Looking up to ever new faces,

Amidst the multitude of karmic streams

I hold my centre point which beams

With rays of light, and yet feels tight.

Compassionate grieving

For those in darkness of mind,

Or darkness in prison cells.

Keep moving, keep working.

Continue the dance of life,

Aware of the spirits, sustaining it,

Being instrument for renewal on earth.

September 1998 in Alexandra, South Africa

Splitting up atoms,

Splitting up the whole of creation,

Final achievement of science.

Should we live in constant fear,

resignation, despair?

No, turn your back, look to the Centre,

discover the soul of humanity.

Embrace the world in all its fullness,

shelter and care for all that exists.

Okay, split up your own worn Self,

dispel the crust of selfishness.

Prepare yourself, with you the world

to be centred at the big split-up.

Kalamazoo, January 1974

The Summer heat is drowning me,

drowning me all the way.

It takes my thoughts, it wipes them out,

and carries me far out into space.

The barren cold, almost forgotten,

threw me right back into myself,

Confining me, restricting me

in earthly limitations.

And, who am I, so tossed around

by Nature's wilful play?

Nature I am, so I'll play the game,

but know that I am playing.

Michigan, May 1977